May 18, 2006

Want To Truly Understand Your Dog?

Then attend a class in dog speak.

This face means I'm having a kick-*ss time playing with my green bouncy ball!


Sarah said...

Oh Lord knows I have seen that face before!! haha Your little girl would have so much fun playing with my little boy!

My boxer is going to be 6 in June, but he still acts like a puppy and he loves to play!

Boxerlady said...

Yep Boxers are always puppies. I love hearing them refered to as the "Peter Pan" of the dog world. :)

I showed my daddy pictures of you with your ball. He told my mommy that I would not like a ball as much as you do.(mommy thinks I would though) It looks like you have had such a blast that I am going force my mommy to go to target and buy me a ball. After all it is only $2.50!!!!

Cubby said...

Cairo, you are my new desktop background. You look like the happiest boxer in the whole USA!

Anonymous said...

This is such a gret picture. It's so cute and fun. She's having a ball. Quite literally.

jamie lang said...

Nice tongue action Cairo. So much more dignified than the pug above :)

Sam I Am said...

What an AWESOME picture!!Love the green ball!!You look so happy

pissed off patricia said...

That looks like the look a dog gets just before it takes off running like crazy through the house.