May 10, 2006

Walk The Line

taken today on Cairo's daily walk

Daddy, look out!...there's a four-legged flying monster behind you! Run!

Ok, I'm kidding. Any excuse to go running!

* * *

Check out Cairo's recently updated Flickr page for more photos (now with categories!)

And here's a slideshow for y'all.


Sarah said...

Such a beautiful baby!!

Boxerlady said...

Do you swim? I only go in as far as I can touch. Thats engough for me. My sister, she is a lab, swims and swims.
It makes me mad that she can go out and I can not get her. My mom says that she will help me try and learn to swim this summer.

Norty said...

hmmm, I'm able to view the video here at home.. let me check at work and see what's up there... thanks for the head's up!

Anonymous said...

Yo girl - why do they have that big old chain around your neck? You look BAAAD!

Robin said...

Thanks Cairo is so cute.. why did u name him after a city?

Cairo The Boxer said...

boxer lady, I can't swim. Once daddy took me to the dog beach and I was soooooo scared of the waves. The water in California is sooooo cold. To be honest I don't really like getting wet I hate baths too.

Robin, my parents love the names of cities. The final 3 names for me were London, Cairo and Berlin. They spent 3 days without giving me a name but everytime they said "Cairo" I would respond so I guess I choose my name. My parents said when they have kids they will name their children after cities as well.

Isabella said...

Looking good, girlfriend! You are so lucky to have humans young enough to still be able to run! My old humans run so funny- it's actually a stiffed legged, lumbering, fast walk kind of movement- and they yell "Stop!" frantically,when I try to make them run. Too funny to watch!
Big Wags,

The Fat Lady Sings said...

She's a dear! Such a sweet baby girl. It's lucky you live near the beach. I'd love to take mine swimming. Chasing waves can be so much fun!

Spirit said...

I like the pictures of you on the beach. My mom is going to take me to the beach when it gets warmer.

mary matalin gisher said...

so many trees, so little time.