May 08, 2006

Guardian of the Patio

There sits Cairo in vigilant repose

Protecting the yard from critters and crows

She waits like a stoic, sniffs the cool air

Then runs in the house for a steak medium-rare


Spirit said...

*wags tail*

If there are ever any critters in my yard, I know who to call and it ain't Ghost Busters.

Who ya gonna call?

pissed off patricia said...

Looks like you have things pretty much under control. Might want to check that garden hose over there behind you. I see signs that the hose messer upper was there. He struck my patio and did the same thing to my hose.

Cairo's Dad said...

I know all about hose destruction. Cairo has already chewed up two nozzles. Thankfully there are no holes in the hose...yet.

Boxerlady said...

Keep up the good work guarding the Patio! And what is this about getting steaks for guarding the patio? I only get treats for guarding the yard! My mom better learn about this steak thing or she is fired!!

Sam I Am said...

Crows are so ingeniously clever but they dont know just what clever is do they Cairo!!!

Cubby said...

Oooh steak!

We live by the Outback Steakhouse, and we walk by it every night (it smells so good), but I never get a steak! Cold, cruel world!

Happy boxers must live in California!

Rocky the Pug said...

Cairo looks like a movie star in her lastest role: Guardian of the Patio. Let her eat steak!

Isabella said...

Wow- I guard my patio every day but never get a steak. That's it! I am going on strike. Wanna help us form a patio guarder union, Cairo?

Tom & Icy said...

You look so dignified and proud in that photo.

jamie lang said...

The very creative side of Mommy has taken off now that Cairo has ruined all the homework :)