October 05, 2005

Welcome To My New Home

Cairo is a female Boxer from Orange County, California.

She was born on November 23, 2004. Her Daddy maintains her blog and her Mommy leaves lots of comments around the blogosphere for her. Cairo enjoys long walks on the beach and squeaky toys.

Here is a picture of the pup when she was nine weeks old:

Daddy's a dumbass. He gave up his nice blog on Typepad and moved me over here to lame old Blogger. Oh well. He's promised to spend a lot more time with me (now that he won't be blogging all the time).


Anonymous said...

Dear Cairo

You are beautiful. My name is Teddy and I'm a boxer too, we kinda look alike. I enjoy long walks on the beach and squeaky toys too! We have alot in common. I also live on the west coast but I am way up north of you in Vancouver BC Canada. Check out my blog when you can. http://web.mac.com/teddysmommy/iWeb/Teddy%20The%20Boxer/Welcome.html
We're just testing this blog so I might only be there for another month. Maybe we will get a blog on blogspot one day.
I love your blog by the way! Your video with the ball is fascinating, I am going to ask my mommy for one of those.

Sophie Horne said...

Hi Cairo, you are gorgeous. I wonder if we are related. I look a lot like you and I was born in Poway, Ca. My name is Sophie and I was a year old in September. I live in Tucson Arizona most of the time. I go to work with my mom everyday. SHe has a hearing clinic and i greet people! When I am not in Tucson I am in Northern California on our boat. I loke the beach and I will get wet but I don't like swimming if I can't touch the bottom. I love playing ball but I don't like giving it back.

You are adorable!