October 06, 2005

The Simple Life

I came to this house when I was very young. Eight weeks old to be exact.

I enjoyed sleeping in my parents' warm comfy bed. I even went pee-pee on the bed but they eventually forgave me.

Now I'm a teenager and I enjoy going for long walks. I also love playing at the dog park where I see all my friends.

When my parents are at work I usually spend time in Daddy's library. I'm currently reading Animal Farm.

And when nature calls, I make sure to properly mark my poop.


Lili said...

I'd do this in a heartbeat, but nobody would see it in my cat box because it's covered.

Blogenfreude said...

Lili - stay off the damn computer. Your Dad.

jamie lang said...

Dude! That's the best every dog poop! Go Cairo!

Chris said...

If I didn't know better, I would think these are pictures of my puppy! At least now I know what Buffy will look like when she grows up.