May 13, 2006

Chile Loves Cairo The Boxer!

My favorite blogger from Santiago, Chile has created a video tribute just for me. Go check out her stunning work here: Ella la mejor de todas.

Gracias "X" por todo :)


Boxerlady said...

That was pretty cute!

I did notice when I watched the video with my mom that you had one of the same toys as me!! You were sleeping with a stuffed cow!! Mine mooo's, does yours?

Cairo The Boxer said...

Boxerlady, The cow did moo but I have now distroyed the toy.

The Fat Lady Sings said...

That was very sweet. Cairo is a very special girl. My Sandstorm liked moo cows. She would rip the squeaker out first thing. Then it was cuddleable enough to take to bed at night.

X said...

You are very special Cairo. I`m happy because the surprise like you and also I have a damp nose frend.

You are right: Chile loves you!

Thanks for the flag in your blog, it looks beatiful.

A lot of kisses for you and your parents.

schnoodlepooh said...

Awwww.... that was too cute! What a nice boxer tribute. You must be a special pup! lick lick sniff sniff. Thanks for visiting poodle city. We're gonna blogroll you and come back more!

Anonymous said...

Cairo is quite famous. She has international friends. I agree that she should run for president.