May 16, 2006

Evening Entertainment

Box of dog treats = $3.50

Bouncy green ball = $2.50

Watching your dog enjoy hours of fun = Priceless

For everything else there's BoxerCard!


Rocky the Pug said...

Cairo should be a team captain!
She is awesome!

Anonymous said...

She's a talented athlete. I want to see her dance next. Too funny. Does she like music?

jamie lang said...

Oh wow - you're got my people hot on signing up for you tube. they video'd me trying to attack a fishing float over the weekend. just keep watching my mom's blog - you'll see my video pretty soon.

Tom & Icy said...

Fantastic at volleyball. Wonder what he'd do with a frizbee?

Boxerlady said...

As usual, little ms cario is cute as a button!!!

Dachsies Rule said...


We could watch you for hours! We wonder if Mom could find a bouncy ball small enough for us so we could have that much fun too! You give us such great ideas!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Cubby said...

I wanna play too!