November 24, 2008

My Birthday

Thanks to everyone for the great birthday wishes!

Yesterday night my mommy and daddy took me to my grandparents' house. I played with Max, we ate dinner and they even baked me a cake! My grandma only had three candles left in her cupboard (I actually turned four yesterday) so that's all I got. But the cake was so yummy! Max and I really enjoyed it!

Here's Max after enjoying some cake...

He might look sad, but trust me, he thought it was delicious!

November 17, 2008

November 15, 2008

Play Dead

November 11, 2008

Happy Times Are Here Again

This week I'm at my grandparents' house. I get to spend all my days and nights with my buddy Max! We've been playing non-stop. Here are we pretty tired.

I love car rides. Here is my grandpa driving me somewhere. 

They are cleaning the roof, gutters and chimneys at my house - so my parents sent me to my grandparents' place for the week. They didn't want me roaming around the backyard while workmen were flinging soot from the roof.

Here Max and I topped off a fun-filled day of playtime with a romantic candlelight dinner.

November 05, 2008

First Dog

(CNN) -- Barack Obama's two daughters had another reason to high-five their dad's election to the presidency Tuesday night: they're getting a puppy.

"Sasha and Malia," Obama said in his victory speech at Chicago's Grant Park, "I love you both so much, and you have earned the new puppy that's coming with us to the White House."

Obama needs to get a Boxer. 'Nuff said.