May 02, 2006

Cairo's Excellent Adventure

Daddy woke me up early this morning. I wanted to sleep in, but nooo, we always do things his way. He says that he is the alpha dog in this house. (I think he's been watching Cesar Millan's show too much).

He put my collar on and set me up in the passenger seat of his car.

Maybe it's Take Your Dog to Work Day and Daddy is taking me to the office?

But then I realized we were going to doggy day care. I couldn't stay at the house today because termite inspectors were coming into my backyard.

So I played at day care all day long!

When Daddy picked me up I had to sit on a towel because I was dirty from playing all day. We got home and Daddy gave me a bath.

Maybe if I'm really good Daddy will take me to the Coolbaby Dog Theme Park in China.


The Fat Lady Sings said...

She is such a lovely girl. You are lucky to have found her, and she you. I adore her baleful boxer look.

jamie lang said...

Dear Cairo - that has got the be a fun day! A whole day of playing around at doggy day care. What a blast! You should be happy you have short hair because the stupid dogs with long hair have to sit under a HAIR DRYER to get dry. Glad you had a fun day and your termites (egads!) are gone.

animalfamily said...

bet you loved the car ride!

Christine said...

That is a face to love. What a beautiful profile!What a fun day!

Isabella said...

Cairo, what a fun day you had! That was a great idea to let you go to doggy daycare. I am going to ask Linda to find a place like that for me to go to when she and Mike go away on their day-adventures. Sure would beat sitting home alone. And maybe it would help me with my shyness, too!
Big Wags,

Anonymous said...

OMG! Funny! I beg to differ...Cairo is clearly the alpha dog in the family.

pissed off patricia said...

I gotta agree with anonymous.

Cairo you look so cool in the car. The photo where you are looking straight ahead looks like you might be the driver.

The lady who grooms my little dog also does doggie sitting in her home. Her mom lives across the street from me and she's also my friend. I'm very lucky!

a rose is a rose said...

oh my goddess i am SO glad i came across you're blog cairo! you're one handsome babe too!

Prissy said...

Cairo, I love to ride in the car, too. Mommy won't let me hang my head out the window, so I put my face in front of the air-conditioning vent.

I'm ready for a trip to the theme park! If we whine really hard, maybe our parents will take us.

Cubby said...

How do you like a bath? Is it worth it to get a bath for going to daycare?

I don't mind a bath, but my sister Dakota hates it. She's a lab - she's supposed to like water!

Anonymous said...

Okay guys ... let's start saving our dog biscuits ... we can all go to China in 2008! Just think how much fun it would be ... and maybe we could adopt a little Chinese dog while we're there too!

Cairo The Boxer said...

I love going to day-care I would take a bath every day if I could go to day-care every day.

Your right we need to save our bones so we can go.