May 25, 2006

Circular Sprinting

Here I am running just before I met Ruger the Boxer.

I never get tired.


Boxerlady said...

My mommy had to laugh because your mommy sounds just like my mommy when she sees other boxers!! Today we saw one in the car next to us and my mommy made my daddy drive along side him and wave!

The Fat Lady Sings said...

We call that 'butt down running'. There isn't a boxer in the world that doesn't understand the concept. I see Cairo is a master hand. She looks just adorable!

Cubby said...

Run! Run! I love to run, too, but not at the dog park. I have to stick by the moms at the dog park!

Anonymous said...

i heard cairo's mama C talking in the video! tell her Ivy and Brooklyn's mommy in Seattle says hello! :-)