May 04, 2006

No Pet Left Behind

It's time for some direct canine political action.

Remember what happened last year during Hurricane Katrina? The government forced people to evacuate without their pets. Relief shelters would not admit evacuees who had pets.

Well, the Humane Society is promoting the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act (PETS Act) and I recommend you go sign their petition. This bill has bi-partisan support. It doesn't matter what your political orientation is, everyone has pets that they love and care for.

More action items here from the Humane Society.

This will be Cairo's number one issue during her presidential campaign.

Would you leave me behind Mommy and Daddy?


Boxerlady said...

OMG!! Your boxer is absolutely ADORABLE! She looks JUST like my Charlie! I am new to the blogging world and just looking around for some other boxers. Come visit us at our blog and see my Charlie!!

I am very grateful to see something being done to prevent what during Katrina with the pets, from happening again. I will most defintely sign this petition. Right after Katrina we had many discussion in our house about what we would have done. It came down to one thing...I WOULD NOT HAVE LEFT MY DOGS. I could not have left them somewhere on a roof-top. I couldn't have walked away, looking at their trusting faces, thinking "Mommy will be back soon."
No way.
My boxer is a rescue and I made a promise to him that he would never,ever be in that place again. Going to kiss a boxer face now....:)

Tom & Icy said...

He's so adorable. Who could possibly leave a pet behind. It's part of the family!

Isabella said...

Only one more month before our hurricane season begins and this will be my first one. Linda said it isn't fun. But she has promised me that sheand Mike will never, ever leave me behind. We will either all leave together or we will all face the hurricane together. They were evacuated three times the year before last, but they had friends they stayed with and didn't have to go to a shelter.
Big Wags,

pissed off patricia said...

When you take a pet into your family that pet is your responsibility for the rest of its life. How could anyone consider themselves a responsible pet owner and leave the pet to deal the best it can in a hurricane? No one with a heart could do that. I remember hearing about people calling animal control after Katrina had passed and wanting the officers to go to their house and check on their pets. These were people who drove away and left before the storm. Why the hell didn't they plop the pets in the car with them?

Chris said...

I'll vote for Cairo. Send me a bumper sticker.

Chris (My Blog)

Kath said...

Hello Cairo and thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, it broke my heart to give up my little Cairo, but the Humane Society I volunteered for always found the nicest homes for my fosterlings, so I am hopeful that Cairo found a wonderful forever family.

It might interest you to know that the Humane Society I volunteered for took a very active role in fostering many Katrina orphans and in many cases were able to return them to their original families.

I could never ever leave a pet behind...wouldn't even consider it.

Thanks again for stopping by, Cairo. Please have your mommy and daddy give you a big hug and lots of tummy rubs from me :-)

weirsdo said...

Finally a candidate who is not afraid to take a stand! I'm voting for you. Can't be worse that what we have now.
Thanks for visiting "The Pansi Files."