May 11, 2006

The 101st Dalmatian

Sure you all laugh at something like this. But if I was stolen and forced to work in the circus I sure as hell wouldn't be laughing!...My legs aren't long enough.


pissed off patricia said...

No, I see you more as a circus barker.

jamie lang said...

LOL - that's halarious!

boxerlady said...

That is pretty funny!!! hmmmmmmmm
**boxerlady goes off to train her dogs to ride a**

X said...

Whit regard to "El mapa de los tontos" in my blog, I want say you:

you are great Cairo. You like me!

The people say: the country have that the country worths, but I think the norteamerican people are a great pepole, the problem is that we don`t know you. We know only your presidents and they represent economics benefits. Then we can know us writing like you and me. Now we know that we have same ideas. Maybe we are same people (though you have a humid nose. Jaja).

A lot of kisses for you and your parents. Many guaus too.

Sorry for my bad inglish. I`m trying only for you.

Aidana said...

The clip was cute...

& I'm impressed you replied in english just to try to communicate with us... I only wish I knew you language too.

Aidana WillowRaven

Rocky the Pug said...

No way can I reach those pedals!!!!!

Isabella said...

That is so cool! How do you post a video on your blog? Do you have to know how to do html stuff?
Big Wags,

Sam I Am said...

How AWESOME IS THAT,You can teach us anything!!WOOF~WOOF

Cairo The Boxer said...


If you go to or, they provide you with the html to embed a video in your post. It's quite simple. Just copy and paste the html from the video you want to post.

X said...

Hey Cairo, look at my blog. I prepare a little surprise for you.

I hope like you.

Kisses and guaus.