November 30, 2009

I Have a Sister

Meet Julia. She was born on November 24. I can't wait until she can start crawling so we can play chase!


Josie said...

She's beautiful!! You'll have so much fun with your new sister! Josie..the Red Heeler

Lorenza said...

Congratulations, Cairo!
Julia is adorable!
Your pictures is pawesome!
Kisses and hugs

Cubby said...

No way!!!! Congratulations!

Kasha said...

Congratulations! She is darling! So fun! I got a puppy and had a puppy at the same time. I wouldn't recommend doing that. You did it the right way! Looks like Cairo is behaving perfectly! Let me know if I can help with the baby at all. I just lived through the first 11 months of my son, but not without tips and advice!

TFLS said...

Such a lovely little girl. Happiness to you all!

Peanut said...

She is lovely. November is such a good month to be born. You will have so much fun with her.

Ike said...

Congrats! She looks really big!

jennileighfer said...

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shane said...

wow, I really like them ahhah..they looked awesome. thanks and keep it up..hope to see more pictures :D
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Pet care said...

Congrats! Such a sweet, lovely, little girl. Your pic was awesome.

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