November 27, 2006

A Turkey-Filled Birthday Weekend

What a long weekend. Well, I played some soccer at the park...

me gusta el futbol!

Then my parents took me on a few joyrides...


then I searched the kitchen for some tasty treats...


mmm, turkey gravy in my food!

yum yum

ok, too much turkey and now I'm tired.

whachoo lookin at?

I did a lot of lounging this weekend.

P.S. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

November 22, 2006

A Thanksgiving Message from Cairo

Obviously my canine blogger friends understand what I'm saying. To humans it just sounds like guttural barking. Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving to all!

It's my birthday tomorrow, so I'll be celebrating two occasions in one. I will be two years old. Does that mean I get to eat two turkeys?

What is your favorite part about Thanksgiving?

November 17, 2006

November 16, 2006


Daddy came home from work on Tuesday and caught me red-handed. I was just trying to have some fun. I discovered a magical pillow that gives birth to white stuffing!

November 14, 2006

Dog Park!

Went to the dog park on Sunday and played with several boxers. I found a deflated soccer ball to carry. A 100 lb. Akita tried to steal it from me, but I showed him who's boss.

November 12, 2006

Car Jammin'

Yesterday my parents took me out to buy a new harness. We went to a cool canine boutique called "Dogma". In addition to getting a new harness, they bought me some tasty peanut butter treats and a bowl specially designed to keep ants out of my food. As you can see, my favorite part of the trip was getting to stick my head out the window of the car.

November 09, 2006

Politics Goes To The Dogs

Tom and Icy are featuring a cool video called what dogs think about this week's election in the United States. I chimed in the comments and suggested that all politicians should be judged by the dogs they own. Then Tom and Icy responded with a new video...and I'm featured in it! Except someone needs to tell Dusty that I'm a girl, not a boy :-)

So, if politicians should be judged by the dogs they have and how they treat them, I wonder how we should judge President Butterfingers...

When President Bush Dropped Barney

Let's hope he doesn't carry Barney anymore. Dogs are able to walk on their own!

November 08, 2006

Maximum Exposure

Cairo TV, it's fun for the whole family!

Dogs with Blogs TV is growing fast. My boyfriend Cubby has a channel now!

. . .

Yesterday my parents voted but they didn't take me along (like last time). Can you believe that I have my own blog but don't have the right to vote? I propose starting a canine suffrage movement -- maybe this new Congress will support us. If we're lucky we can nominate a presidential candidate for 2008.

November 06, 2006

Smokin a Stogie

There's nothing I enjoy more than sitting on my ottoman and chewing on a greenie.