December 21, 2006

Happy Holidays!

Tomorrow I am headed over to my grandparents' house. I will be spending Christmas and New Year's Day with them while my parents vacation in Central America.

I love staying with the grandparents because 1) I get to play with my pug uncle Rocky 2) the folks spoil me rotten with treats and yummies 3) they have a king size bed!

Since I won't be posting until 2007, I'd like to leave you with a holiday message.

Happy New Year!

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December 19, 2006

Screw the Humans

We are the persons of the year!

Here some of my friends share in the honor...

time person of the year zach time person of the year isabella

time person of the year cubby time person of the year brody

time person of the year bogart time person of the year bella

time person of the year beasley time person of the year andy

Sorry but I couldn't make one for everybody. But you can make your own - here is a blank template for you to work with. Have fun - and post your covers!

December 18, 2006

TIME Person of the Year

time person of the year cairo

I am the TIME magazine person of the year. So are you! Think I'm joking? Check out their article and see why we all are the persons of the year.

December 14, 2006

Blogger Problems

Hi, everyone! I've been having trouble leaving comments on my friends' blogs. So if you haven't heard from me it's because I can't log in to the comment system.

Has anyone else experienced problems with blogger beta? Ever since they upgraded it has been hit and miss. Hopefully the humans will fix these technical issues so that we dogs, cats and other critters can play freely on the web.

December 12, 2006

Another Pillow Bites the Dust

12112006 006

uh...look, mom! It snowed while you were gone!

12112006 008

I'm Frosty the Snowman after he started melting!

12112006 010

Come on, it's really comfortable. It's my new insulation-blanket!

December 11, 2006

Light The Way

Hey friends, can you have this much fun with a flashlight?

If you've got them, post your flashlight videos.

Whoever catches the light wins a lifetime supply of bully sticks!

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December 09, 2006

American Idol

My parents have been lazy with this blogging thing - but they promise to have more pictures and videos really soon. In the meantime, enjoy this clip from one of our favorite TV shows "The Soup".

December 02, 2006

Amazing -- Must See!


If you haven't already watched it, head on over to Pappy's Dog Blog for his video "Christmas Comes Early". I am featured in the all-star sing-a-long with Brody, Tin Tin, Toby, Buster, Joey & Tanner and many other cool dogs from the Dogs With Blogs crew.

November 27, 2006

A Turkey-Filled Birthday Weekend

What a long weekend. Well, I played some soccer at the park...

me gusta el futbol!

Then my parents took me on a few joyrides...


then I searched the kitchen for some tasty treats...


mmm, turkey gravy in my food!

yum yum

ok, too much turkey and now I'm tired.

whachoo lookin at?

I did a lot of lounging this weekend.

P.S. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

November 22, 2006

A Thanksgiving Message from Cairo

Obviously my canine blogger friends understand what I'm saying. To humans it just sounds like guttural barking. Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving to all!

It's my birthday tomorrow, so I'll be celebrating two occasions in one. I will be two years old. Does that mean I get to eat two turkeys?

What is your favorite part about Thanksgiving?

November 17, 2006

November 16, 2006


Daddy came home from work on Tuesday and caught me red-handed. I was just trying to have some fun. I discovered a magical pillow that gives birth to white stuffing!

November 14, 2006

Dog Park!

Went to the dog park on Sunday and played with several boxers. I found a deflated soccer ball to carry. A 100 lb. Akita tried to steal it from me, but I showed him who's boss.

November 12, 2006

Car Jammin'

Yesterday my parents took me out to buy a new harness. We went to a cool canine boutique called "Dogma". In addition to getting a new harness, they bought me some tasty peanut butter treats and a bowl specially designed to keep ants out of my food. As you can see, my favorite part of the trip was getting to stick my head out the window of the car.

November 09, 2006

Politics Goes To The Dogs

Tom and Icy are featuring a cool video called what dogs think about this week's election in the United States. I chimed in the comments and suggested that all politicians should be judged by the dogs they own. Then Tom and Icy responded with a new video...and I'm featured in it! Except someone needs to tell Dusty that I'm a girl, not a boy :-)

So, if politicians should be judged by the dogs they have and how they treat them, I wonder how we should judge President Butterfingers...

When President Bush Dropped Barney

Let's hope he doesn't carry Barney anymore. Dogs are able to walk on their own!

November 08, 2006

Maximum Exposure

Cairo TV, it's fun for the whole family!

Dogs with Blogs TV is growing fast. My boyfriend Cubby has a channel now!

. . .

Yesterday my parents voted but they didn't take me along (like last time). Can you believe that I have my own blog but don't have the right to vote? I propose starting a canine suffrage movement -- maybe this new Congress will support us. If we're lucky we can nominate a presidential candidate for 2008.

November 06, 2006

Smokin a Stogie

There's nothing I enjoy more than sitting on my ottoman and chewing on a greenie.

October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

This is my costume from last year. Bzzzzzzzzz.

cairo the bee

My parents didn't get a costume this year because they were too busy. Oh well, I'll have fun barking at all the trick-or-treaters that knock on my door. That should scare 'em.

October 30, 2006

Shake, Shake, Shake and Do the Walk!

They dress me up and act as if I was a circus animal!

Well, at least I got a greenie out of it...

October 27, 2006

Canines of the World Unite!


Cairo is proud to announce the growth of her new media empire.

Greg at DWB-TV has been kind enough to provide Cairo her very own channel on the Dogs With Blogs site. Now she can spread her message of Boxer rebellion to all her canine comrades throughout the dog blogosphere.

Go check it out!

October 24, 2006

Frisbee Dog

October 16, 2006

Election Day

Dogs with Blogs has nominated Cairo for an awesome blog award.

Go do your part and vote for Cairo! click here!

If you vote for Cairo, your wildest dreams will come true.

October 11, 2006

Surfin' Safari

I know that summer is officially over, but here in Southern California the die-hard surfers catch the waves all year round. In Brazil it's the canines who take center stage in surfing competitions. As for me - well, I hate water, so I'll stick with soccer as my favorite recreational pastime.

October 10, 2006

A Day for Wild Animals

On Sunday I went to doggy day care while Mommy and Daddy went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

10052006 072

I got to act like a wild animal and play with all the dogs while they visited wild animals from the plains of Africa and Asia.

10052006 018

Hurry up, Mom - I'm dying to go inside and play with all the dogs!

10052006 019

let me in! let me in!

meanwhile, at the wild animal park, my Mommy and Daddy saw all sorts of animals roaming free over several acres of land.

10052006 024

a family of elephants with their one-month old baby

10052006 030

a rhino with her one-week baby

10052006 057

and a family of lions. The mom and dad are hanging out on the roof while the three cubs chill inside the suv. where I live everyone has TVs in their SUVs - I wonder why these kids, I mean cubs, don't get to watch Lion King DVDs...

10052006 015

What a day! I'm tired!

October 06, 2006

Nightlife Has Gone To The Dogs

What do you get when you mix alcohol, dogs and their owners? If you were going to say drunken pandemonium then you'd be half right. But no, it's a new concept called "SkyBark" which bills itself as "pet friendly nightlife". Check out their promotional video.

Ever wanted to go clubbing with your canine pal? Now you can!

, coming to a city near you.

October 05, 2006

Blast From The Past

cairo puppy, originally uploaded by Cairo The Boxer.

Here's me as a puppy sometime around January of last year. I've long since destroyed the wool bed that I'm laying on in the picture. Now I lounge on the humans' couch when they're not home. They trust me now -- I've outgrown my destructive puppy phase.

How about sharing your puppy pics on your blogs? Many of us canine bloggers didn't start blogging until we were adults. That means there are loads of puppy pics that the world has not seen! Why not share them...

P.S. My blog turns one year old today! Here's my first post. It's been a fun year and I've met a lot of great canine blogger friends. Here's to another great year!

September 30, 2006

Boxer Jedi Mind Tricks

Cairo as Obi Wan Kenobi

I found a great video on the web about Jedi Boxer Mind Tricks. Take a look.

And yeah, that's me above as Obi Wan Kenobi.

Friday Night Party Time

Last night Mommy was away on a school field trip. It was just me and my Dad at home -- so he broke out the good stuff and we watched some shows he recorded on his DVR the past week.

old no. 7

Daddy said he was taking a shot of whiskey to calm his cough -- he's been sick all week. I was very interested in this amber colored liquid so he let me take a whiff. Woo, I nearly burned my entire nasal cavity smelling that stuff!

Now I know whiskey ain't for dogs. I'll stick with beer, thank you very much.

September 22, 2006

Scenes from Last Weekend

Cassidy and I had a great time together as you can tell from our new theatrical trailer. I enojyed being a big sister to Cassidy the pup. Here are some photos from our adventures last weekend:

trying out a new wrestling move...



kiss kiss

at the park...

at the park

two boxers looking for trouble...

cairo and cassidy

September 16, 2006

A Houseguest for the Weekend

My neighbor Cassidy is spending the weekend with us. Here's the promotional clip for our new film coming out this Christmas

September 08, 2006

Trick and Treat

Here's a video my grandpa shot on my vacation.

The panting sound you hear is my uncle Rocky.

September 07, 2006

Cairo the Grand-doggy

Finally! some pictures from my vacation (when my parents left the country last month).

Here I am with my uncle Rocky. My grandparents took us to play at the park.

cairo and rocky

I love eating grass. It doesn't taste that good--but it's everywhere! and it's so much fun to rip out of the ground after running around the park. Rocky seemed confused as to why I enjoyed eating this stuff. He says it's for cows and sheep, not dogs (he's a lot older and wiser than I am).

eating grass

My grandparents really wore me out at the park everyday. So when I returned to their house I was pooped!

tired boxer

I can't wait for my parents to go on another vacation so I can spend time with my grandparents.

September 05, 2006

Scenes from a Lost Weekend

Here I am on my bed. The humans only think it belongs to them.

labor day weekend 003

Here I am with my new friend Ben. He came to visit me.

labor day weekend 007

Mommy thought I'd look cute showing my feminine side, so she put this bow around my neck

labor day weekend 010

But I'm such a tomboy, I was able to take the bow off within ten minutes

labor day weekend 011

August 31, 2006

Did I Have A Fun Day or What!

When my parents leave for work in the morning they always put a gate in front of our stairway. I stay downstairs and have a doggie door to enter the backyard. The upstairs of the house is off limits while I'm home alone. My parents don't trust me to be alone up there.

Today, when Mommy left the house she forgot to put the gate in front of the stairway. I had free reign throughout the entire house all day! When she returned home Mommy said it looked like some bachelors threw a wild party in our house. There were shoes, shirts and bras spread throughout different rooms of the house.

I obviously had a fantastic time! I jumped on my parents' bed and tore all the blankets to the ground. I thought about eating Daddy's soccer magazines but instead chewed up one of his shoes really good (he said he would have been really mad if I ate the magazines).

They aren't mad at me because they know it's their fault.

August 26, 2006

They're Back!

My parents are back from vacation. They spent ten days in Argentina. They visited glaciers in the Southern Andes/Patagonia, toured the capital city of Buenos Aires and spent a day in Uruguay. They showed me all of their pictures.

Here are some cute Argentinian perros that they encountered:

felipe the boxer

This is Felipe. My parents met him and his owner near the cemetary where Evita Peron is buried in Buenos Aires.


Most portenos (residents of Buenos Aires) live in apartments. Thus, their perros (dogs) don't have much room to run and play. So they hire dog walkers called pasadores to walk their dogs during the work day. Some pasadores walk up to 20 dogs at once--and they all get along just fine!

No perros!

One day my parents took a ferry across the bay from Buenos Aires to Uruguay.

The ferry boat did not allow dogs :-(