October 28, 2005

The Best Pug In Britain?

Parliament seems to think so. Here's the political canine elite:

An 18-month-old pug called Torres licked the competition to claim the crown of political top dog in the British parliament's dog of the year contest(AFP/Adrian Dennis)

October 26, 2005

October 25, 2005

October 24, 2005

Hey Bulldog!

Halloween is just a week away . . .

from Yahoo: Otis, a bulldog, runs through the pumpkin patch at Muzzi's Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze in San Gregorio, Calif., on Saturday, Oct. 22, 2005. Otis ws visiting the pumpkin patch with his owner Christopher Burke of San Francisco. (AP Photo/Susan Ragan)

== Cairo Halloween pics Coming Soon! ==

October 23, 2005

October 20, 2005

I Wouldn't Make A Good Cop Either

Buster, welcome to the real world:

ROTHERHAM, England - Buster the German shepherd could have had a great career as a British police dog had it not been for one flaw: His complete lack of interest in fighting crime.The canine cop took early retirement after bosses at South Yorkshire Police noted his poor motivation — and a fondness for making friends with rowdy drunkards, his former handler said Monday.

What do you know? I like hanging with rowdy drunkards too!

October 19, 2005

That Berber Is Mm-mm Good!

New paint: $500

New carpet: $800

Vet bills: $1000

Having a cute Boxer puppy who eats your carpet and then acts like an innocent angel . . .


For everything else there's Masterf*&k!

Look What I Found

A baby Boxer hiding in a shoe . . .

January 2005

October 17, 2005

My Impression of a Beanie Baby

The bidding starts at $10,000 on eBay.

October 11, 2005

Canine Fashion: For Pups With Attitude

I know that I look pretty ridiculous in this infant onesy outfit. But back when I was a wee pup, I hardly had any fur. It was January and here in Southern California we were experiencing an unusual wet and cold winter. I used to shiver when going for walks or just going outside to do my business. So my parents bought me these little outfits to keep me warm. Sure they only lasted about a month before I grew out of them, but at least my little Boxer butt was kept nice and warm admist the dismal elements.

October 07, 2005

Action Shots

Running in the park:

Running on the beach:

October 06, 2005

The Simple Life

I came to this house when I was very young. Eight weeks old to be exact.

I enjoyed sleeping in my parents' warm comfy bed. I even went pee-pee on the bed but they eventually forgave me.

Now I'm a teenager and I enjoy going for long walks. I also love playing at the dog park where I see all my friends.

When my parents are at work I usually spend time in Daddy's library. I'm currently reading Animal Farm.

And when nature calls, I make sure to properly mark my poop.

October 05, 2005

Meet Lili

Cairo welcomes Lili, the Russian Blue from New York City, to the Blogging Animal Alliance. Lili belongs to blogger Blogenfreude. According to Blogenfreude, Lili wishes she had an apartment on the park, but she settles for a nice pad in Chinatown.

Welcome To My New Home

Cairo is a female Boxer from Orange County, California.

She was born on November 23, 2004. Her Daddy maintains her blog and her Mommy leaves lots of comments around the blogosphere for her. Cairo enjoys long walks on the beach and squeaky toys.

Here is a picture of the pup when she was nine weeks old:

Daddy's a dumbass. He gave up his nice blog on Typepad and moved me over here to lame old Blogger. Oh well. He's promised to spend a lot more time with me (now that he won't be blogging all the time).