November 29, 2005

And This Is Why I'm Glad I Can't Vote

Look at the two bozos that humans had to choose from last year:

And that explains why over half of this country is too apathetic to vote.

Beware of Greenies

According to Snopes, the internet hoax debunking site, the danger posed by Greenie dog treats is undetermined. KiroTV in Seattle produced a report (video here) about three dogs who suffered intestinal blockage from eating the Greenie treats. CBS in Los Angeles also has a story about the supposed green menace. I don't know. Greenies are one of Cairo's favorite treats. She'll chew on them for hours. After watching the report I don't think we'll be buying them anymore. Sorry Cairo.

November 26, 2005

The Stoic Boxer

She's actually half stoic, half situationist.

November 23, 2005

My First Birthday

I am one year old today. I hope my parents by me a barbeque spare rib pie. Yum!

November 17, 2005


Cairo tries out for the World Cup qualifiers:

Who will I play for? My ancestors came from Germany, I live in the United States but my name implies I should play for Egypt. What's a dog to do?


[photo has been censored for younger audiences]

November 03, 2005

I Hereby Claim This Spot

Property of Cairo. All humans must vacate the premises immediately.

So much for that commandment about four legs not being allowed to trespass in the former domain of two legs.

So Fresh and So Clean

Cairo enjoying a post-bath experience.