August 17, 2007


A shoe model.

A sleepy Little Red Riding Hood.

August 14, 2007

Maximus the Black Pug

Hey, my new uncle Maximus!

He's just a baby - but he's already got a blog. He's a very friendly puppy. He is very eager to play with me. He squirms in his mommy's arms and wants to be put on the ground when I'm around.

The other day he enjoyed watching me run in my grandparents' backyard. When he gets a little bigger I can't wait to play with him! He's got so much energy he just might give me a run for my money (and you know how energetic Boxers are!).

August 09, 2007

It's Blogging Like Cats and Dogs

Hi, fellow dog bloggers! Did you know there's an entire world beyond our canine section of the tubes, I mean internets, no I mean blogosphere, or whatever the kids are calling it these days. I was recently exposed to this world when a fancy feline named Marilyn Monreow made me her NOMSSF (Not-Of-My-Species Special Friend).

Now, I've never visited cat blogs before - actually I've never even met a cat! I've only seen them on TV and in movies (the Harry Potter films come to mind). But Marilyn seems like a cuddly kitty - and a cool one at that. So before you freak out Peter Venkman style about the possibilities of interspecies electronic communication, go check out Marilyn's blog and say "hello".

Rocky, 1995-2007

My pal Rocky passed away yesterday. He was three months shy of turning 12 years old.

He was a good little pug who lived with my grandparents. When they got Rocky my daddy was in high school and still living with my grandparents. He helped raise Rocky as wee puppy and they were good buddies. Several years later my daddy moved out of their house. When he got married to mommy I was born, and they brought me into their new home.

I’ve always enjoyed visiting the grandparents’ house and getting to see Rocky. He was always nice and friendly to me. Occasionally he would romp around the house with me but most of the time he would sit and watch me play. In his later years he slowed down and his joints were too stiff to run. We used to cuddle together on the couch.

My grandparents and Rocky just returned from a vacation in Carmel, California when Rocky got really sick. After several tests it turns out he had cancer and there was nothing the doctors could do. My daddy was there yesterday when Rocky went to sleep.

My grandparents were feeling sad and lonely yesterday evening so I went to stay with them a few days. Hopefully I can cheer them up a little. Last night I searched every nook and cranny of the house but I couldn’t find Rocky. That’s when they told me he had gone to Rainbow Bridge. Someday I’ll see him again – and he will be young and full of energy, eager to run and play together.

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