February 23, 2007

Canine Intrudes World Cup

I was hoping to become the first canine participant at a World Cup competition. Unfortunately, I just learned that the honor is already taken. A scruffy black dog played in the England-Brazil match during the 1962 World Cup:

Well, at least I'll be the first Boxer when I play. But which team should I play for? I live in the United States, I understand Spanish and English, I'm named after an Egyptian capital and my breed is from Germany.

February 19, 2007

February 15, 2007

This Is The Life

A Peculiar Pug

Can you pee upside down?

I'm not sure why but this male pug in Changchun, China prefers to do his business upside down. Looks rather difficult and uncomfortable to me. Any of you guys out there do this?

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February 14, 2007

February 08, 2007

February 01, 2007

Cairo Meets Cooper

My friend Cassidy and her parents met some Boxer owners at our local dog park last week. Their female just had litter of eight puppies. The puppies were now eight weeks old and up for sale.

Cassidy's parents got her a little brother! His name is Cooper:

Both Cooper and Cassidy came to visit on Sunday. Here I am checking him out...

I don't know why he was scared of me. I only whacked him on the head a few times.

After he left I grew worried. Were my parents going to get a new Boxer puppy? Would I be replaced by a younger, cuter model? I started acting really affectionate with my parents in hope of convincing them not to get another puppy, so that I could remain the top dog - the alpha female!

Apparently my plan worked. My parents decided not to get another dog for the time being. They said they enjoy just having me right now (and that the house is too small for two humans and two dogs!).