July 30, 2008

Keeping Watch

Yesterday we had an earthquake in Southern California. You probably all heard about it.

I was a little shaken up by the initial 5.4 quake - it felt like rolling waves - so I decided to stay vigilant for any aftershocks.

When my parents got home they opened up the door for me. One of my favorite things to do is to look out our front door.

If anymore earthquakes come rolling around I'll be sure to growl and bark and scare them away!

July 25, 2008

Damn you, Paparazzi!

Here I am having an intimate moment rolling around the carpet on my back when some obnoxious camera-toting human gets in my face and starts snapping photos! Can't a girl enjoy her space a little??

July 07, 2008


I forgot to tell you about my summer vacation...my parents went to Europe in June but I got to hang out with my coolest pug friend Max! Check out the pictures of our adventures together!

The 2008 Paw-limpics

I just found out about the 2008 Summer DWB Paw-Limpics from Lenny of Wire Wise. Considering I am quite the athlete (in addition to my skills at lounging) I figured I should enter the competition.

Here I am playing soccer. Eat your diving heart out, Cristiano Ronaldo!

And here I am in the long distance frisbee catch:

I'm also an expert in the game of "keep away":

Oh, and I almost forgot - water-sipping!

July 05, 2008

This is how I play in the house

I just stumbled upon this commercial this morning. From the look of their jerseys it must be at least three years old. But it combines two of my favorite things - soccer and Boxers!

What are your favorite commercials starring cool canines?