July 28, 2007

Got Milk?

One of my favorite treats on Saturday morning is drinking ice cold milk.

Here I am enjoying mi leche:

July 21, 2007

I Love Car Rides

Last week my daddy took me to the drive-thru for the first time.

It was fun. A magical voice from a multicolored poster took our order. We then drove further and a nice lady gave presented us with a paper bag filled with yummy smelling food.

My daddy ordered a burrito at Del Taco - but I would have preferred going to Jack in the Box instead.

July 19, 2007

Throw the Book at Michael Vick

Above: a screenshot from Michael Vick's Wikipedia page, 7/19/07

When the Atlanta Falcons lose their first game in the upcoming 2007 season quarterback Michael Vick should be sprayed down with water and then electrocuted. After all, that's what he did to dogs that didn't "perform well". Why not give Vick the same treatment? Ok - if you don't like fantasizing about violent acts of retribution you could at least sign a petition urging the NFL to suspend the bloodthirsty monster.

More: Activitists: Dog Fighting Grows in Popularity

July 15, 2007

Pink Wig Challenge

The Cat Realm provided us the challenge, so here it is...

Summertime Blues

July 06, 2007

Sportswear Modeling

My grandpa gave me this hat at his house last weekend.

I think it's too big.