August 09, 2006

Sniff Sniff

Aug 06 018, originally uploaded by Cairo The Boxer.

By this time I was quite tired and out of breath. Cassidy was able to get close and sniff me while I lied down on the cool grass.


katy said...

Cairo is so sweet! The black line under her chin is so perfectly straight. I am going to check out Daisy and Diesel when I get home to see what they have under there.

Cassidy said...

The girls are too cute! Thank for the info regarding UTI. May need to take you up on the meds. Vet said she needs another round! We'll be at the Brywood park on Saturday morning after the vet appt, around 10ish! Hope to see you there!

Cassidy and Momma

Ellie said...


You should ask Cassidy where she's from... I came from OK, too. Maybe Cassidy and I are related!! If so we should have a chat about weight gain and parasites (although she looks healthier than me at that age). :) She's so cute. It looks like you two had a lot of fun!

Nubbily Wiggles,

Cairo The Boxer said...


I will ask the next time I see her :)

IndyPindy said...

Cassidy is adorable! Is she a new neighbor?

Tigersan said...

How cute! It must be nice to have such a nice neighbor :)

katy said...

Okay, so Daisy and Diesel have crazy markings under their chin. Nothing as perfect as Cairo. Maybe she is model material.

fee said...

halo cairo!

mom says you have such a lovely face and i think your paws are cute! it looks like you've had a french manicure!