June 04, 2006

Meet The Baby Boxers

This morning I recommend you check out the two following Boxer blogs.

First there's Daisy-Bean the Boxer. Daisy-Bean had a litter of puppies a month ago. Click over for definitive cuteness as you see the Boxer puppies explore their new world under their mommy's watch.

Then check out Ellie the Boxer which documents the exploits of a little white female Boxer.

. . .

I was a puppy once, and seeing these puppies reminds me of the good old days of no responsibility, no toilet training and baths in the sink.

cairo the baby boxer

Cairo, nine weeks old, January 2005


Boxerlady said...

Charlie Bear the Boxer seconds Daisy the Boxers Blog!! Boxer puppies are always good!!
****Sending my mommy to look at Ellie the Boxers site now*****

X said...

beautiful, Cairo.

Hey, from Chile the pinguins greet you, baby. Look at my blog.



katy said...

Oh Cairo, you are so sweet to mention us. We are a very happy family and proud to be cute in your eyes. Somehow we all turned out fawn, so sorry no all white ones. When mommy was having us Katy kept waiting for a white baby but it just did'nt happen. Oh well..... at least we were all very healthy.

Daisy and fam.

Anonymous said...

Gosh you were a beautiful baby, baby!

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Hi Cairo,
Thanks for stopping by my ministry. I love ice cubes, too! I like your mug shot. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go rage against the machine some more.

Sam I Am said...

what a face,Big HUG to you!!


pissed off patricia said...

I remember the first pics of you your mom and dad posted on the net. You were and still are a cutie!

Cubby said...

Boxer puppies rule! Puppy fever is getting worse at my house!

kamran malik said...

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