December 24, 2005

Cairo Gets A Little Sister For Christmas!

Yeah right. Like we could actually afford another dog after the costly hijinx Cairo has caused. My wife received a little stuffed Boxer as a Christmas gift. The stuffed animal is the same size that Cairo was at eight weeks old.

Cairo was excited about her new "little sister" and immediately thought the toy was for her. Below she gave the stuffed toy her signature right-handed Boxer chop.

I took one last picture of the two Boxers before hiding the stuffed animal.

Sorry Cairo, the stuffed Boxer is too nice to be chewed on. You'll have to wait until the next sale at Petco.


Anonymous said...

Cairo is the epitomy of perfection!

nut-meg said...

I love Cairo!

I used to have a boxer when I was a kid. His name was Rapscallion (Rappy).

I love that face! It's killing me! I miss my Rappy!

I have a terrier mutt now. He's unbelieveably cute.

rev. billy bob gisher ©2005 said...

after seeing the bumble bee i knew some owners had gone completely mad. COOL! man this blog has gone to the dogs.

xristim said...

Cairo, the Aphrodite of pups! I have an 11-year old Aussie cattle dog (named Miss Betsy Trotwood after the maiden aunt in Dickens' David Copperfield)...2004 and 2005 were bad years for us. Both my cats and one dog died. Betsy and I miss them terribly. If I survive this second bout with cancer, I plan to adopt more cats and dogs. A house isn't a home unless it has fur persons!