January 28, 2006

The Way Back Machine

Here's Cairo at 8 weeks old.

I'm a bobble-head doll!


Emi... said...

holas!!!!!!! gracias por tu visita!!!! me gustaria poder entender lo q escribis en tu blog...jeje...voto por las traducciones..

Emi... said...

que bonitas fotos!!!mi perra no es tan bonita... pero igual la quiero mucho..se llama Coni....
Ah...tenfo un tio en California!!!!

mary matalin gisher said...

one of my favorites

somewaterytart said...

What's that in his mouth, a human tibia? Awesome.

somewaterytart said...

Her! Her mouth.

boneman said...

Ah, yes. The eating stage! My own Princess Gninski has decided that socks (worn) underwear crotches, sweatpant crotches, BRAND NEW BLUE JEAN crotches are all so wonderful to devour!
Not to mention Gloves, hats, shoes, and Wacy's milkbones if he doesn't eat them fast enough.
The thing is, she ain't no spring chicken! This gal is an oldster going back to earlier days ( I guess) and the other thing that's even more amazing to us....She's the smallest dog of four. Wacy, a brute of a German sheppard lets her ghet away with whatever it is she wants to do. Eat his bones, sometimes push him out of his food dish, bully her way onto pans,....I'm getting the idea that Wacy has a thing fer Gninski.
So, the dog beds? No problem.
PLEASE chew up the beds!

Oh GOD! Ya just have to love em!

Chrishnasblog said...

Thank you very much! ^__^
You wrote the first comment! I worried that nobody visits my blog... ó__ò
Hey, you are a dog fanatic! Well, I don't like them. They are huge, thumb and dangerous O_o Cat's are better! Meow!