January 01, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

I hope that all my readers had a wonderful New Year's Eve celebration.

I made some resolutions and would like to share them...

  1. Try not to destroy the beds my parents buy me
  2. Motivate my parents to take me on more walks
  3. Hang out with my friend Maddie (she is my Boxer neighbor)
  4. Meet new animals
  5. Most important...always look cute so if I break any of these resoultions my parents won't get mad.

Leave your new year resolutions in the comments!


L.Bo Marie said...

awwww! consider number 4 taken care of! we can be friends =:)
(L.Bo for norty)

Kathy said...

Prissy says, "I resolve to eat no shoes or socks in 2006. I resolve to stop peeing on the den rug. I resolve to stop slipping under the fence and running the neighborhood. I resolve to play with my cats Angel and Amelia at every opportunity. And I resolve to spend as much time as possible in my mommy's lap."

ACPatriot said...

Woof Woof!!

Arff growf ruff grargg. Ruff pant *wag* ruff arf. Bark rrr. Harfff harrff harrff!! Wuff *snort*. Ruff growf grff fruff.


Woof Woof

-AC Patriot.

(My dog's a little rusty Cairo, so what I was trying to say is that I've added you to my blogroll.)

mireille said...

Bucky asked me to pass along his intention to be more friendly, especially to young boxers just starting out, particularly if they're cute and have a lower lip that's almost as adorable as his is (um, he's also working on his vanity). Happy New Year, Cairo! xoxo

Lily said...

What does one write to a dog?

Lizzy said...

Hi Cairo,

Those are good resolutions!

Our dog, McDuff only made two resolutions...he was going to try and stop acting like a Westie with "short dog syndrome." He said he would try to act more like his sister, the cool and calm Lab.

He also said he would try not to howl so much when his Aunt played Beck.

robin said...

You should also try to poop on Bush this year :) (love the manip on the side) *throws a treat to Cairo*

enigma4ever said...

Hello Cairo, my Mommy got me a new joy toy since I finished chewing up the woodward books she left on the floor- and it is a little Bush chew toy- boy he is great to rip up and shake around and throw against the wall...hmmm good...get your mommy and daddy to get you one...
Luveruf ruf ...Lilly (The Basenji in Cleveland)

( Lilly's mommy here- it is a little Rubber bust of Bush- bought at a California pet store last year- but it was lost in the packing- found it while I unpacked the Christmas decorations- Lilly thought it was brand new- and it has been smacked and thrown all over the apartment...Best entertainment we had all Christmas week....)

Muddy, BloggingCat.com said...

That "looking cute" is a good resolution -- it works very well. -- Muddy, BloggingCat.com

BigBuddhaPuppy said...

BigBuddhaPuppy's Resolutions:

1) Protect Family/Home
2) Make Expressive Faces
3) Woof at Daddy when I need food, attention, or outside
4) Chase my laser light(bug)
5) Play with my brother and sister(Sarge & Brajin)
6) Eat all the food that is offered me
7) Whine and Howl for truck rides and walks
8) Let people rub my hips
9) Growl at Daddy's brother in law
10) Let everyone love me

I figure if I am going to do resolutions, they should be somethings that I know I can keep...

Lily said...

Always nice to get the pet perspective

Lizzy said...

and it has been smacked and thrown all over the apartment

LOL!! That pet store got a name, Enigma

...must get one!

Cairo The Boxer said...

Thank you for the tip. I will be sure to send mommy and daddy to Enigma. woof woof.