January 13, 2006

Vote Early, Vote Often

Michael at the Daily Puppy has featured Cairo as "pup of the day".

Please go vote for Cairo and give her some biscuits!

If you vote for Cairo, your wildest dreams will come true.


BigBuddhaPuppy said...

11 biscuits for our future president...

Cairo was in the lead as of this posting..

Kathy said...

Prissy from the esteemed state of Alabama casts eleven biscuits for Cairo!

Alyssa said...

Ya, i don't quite understand your website, it's kinda strange. and even though i am kinda scared of dogs cairo is adorable!!! so is all of the other dogs and cats on here. its very well put together good job!! keep up the good, and cute :D, work!!!!

Law said...

hi, but I'm not spanish... law :)

c said...

dude i vote for cairo.
what's she running for?
who cares, this is america, and i can vote for her without really knowing what i'm voting for/what her qualifications are/ whatever.
it's called democracy.
i think.