January 04, 2007

Five New Year's Resolutions

My First Day Home

Me, at 8 weeks

Hi, everyone! I’m back from my vacation with the grandparents. I had a blast. Pictures and stories will be coming soon, I promise! Oh, and my parents had a great time in Central America too.

. . .

While I was out Isabella and Texas both tagged me with the New Year’s Resolution meme. Well, here it goes…

1. I’ll try not to destroy my parents’ couch or my doggie beds, even though I love the taste of upholstery and pillow stuffing.

2. I plan on utilizing my powers of ESP and telepathy to convince my Daddy to create more videos, especially ones with cool music.

3. Convince my parents to purchase some better tasting food! They can’t expect me to perform fancy tricks for kibble that tastes like cedar chips.

4. Play more soccer, improve my frisbee catching skills and practice more ball-bouncing.

5. Continue to meet new and exciting pets in the blogosphere.

I think this meme has been going around for awhile so I won’t pass it on. If you’d like to participate be my guest - and leave a link to your post in the comments.


macgoogle said...

Woof! It's been going around for ages! The sun has come up and gone down over my house lots of times! I think I will work on my ESP as well (but the cuteness works just as good). By the way, Cairo - do you know how to get your hooman not to go to work (yuk)? Daddy spends way too much time there when he could be here playing with me!

Love and Licks,
Texas (and his humans).

Cubby said...

If you know the answer to Texas's question, please tell me! I need my mom at home!

I'm glad you are back - I missed you so much!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! Will we see photos of your parent's vacation too?

Boxerlady said...

Hi Cario,
Welcome back! Come to our blog and read about "Love Thursday" its a blogging event we think needs more blogging doggies! Dogs need love too!! Pass it on!
Charlie and Coco