July 21, 2006

My House Guest

My Boxer friend Maddie is going to be staying with us this week...and what a fun week it is going to be! Her parents are on vacation so she doesn't go back home until next Friday. Here I am (left) trying to lick her.

Maddie wanted to use the computer, but we couldn't figure out which buttons to push.

So we were content in running around the house.


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Cairo,

Looks like you are in for a fun filled week ! You need to show Maddie how to use the computer - maybe she could do a guest spot on your blog ?


Cubby said...

Cairo, you are absolutely adorable in the picture where you are trying to give your friend Maddie a "welcome" lick! I hope you two have lots of adventures, and don't forget to tell us all about them. I am a guy who has been around, so I am going to share a little tidbit with you....Slumber parties are for acting silly, staying up all hours of the night, eating great treats and bothering parents. Have fun,


The Fat Lady Sings said...

Maddie's beautiful - and so big! She has a sweet face, and looks as if she will be a handful. I hope everyone has a good time - Cairo included. You know - if this goes well - you might give a thought to getting another dog. Multiple critter households can be challenging - but they are a lot of fun, too.

Dachsies Rule said...

Wow! Maddie's a big girl. You must still have some growing to do too, Cairo! You are both so pretty that, except the size, we wouldn't be able to tell you apart! We look forward to hearing about what a fun week you have when two boxer girls hit the town!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Prissy said...

Cairo and Maddie, have fun this week, and try not to drive your humans nuts...

Flossikens said...

Hello Cario,

Floss's mum here just wanting to know where you got that beautiful pink collar from i want to get floss one for her 1st birthday party =] but shhh dont tell her

love from floss's mum =]

Anonymous said...

I bet you're going to have a blast! Maybe you'll get a brother or sister after your M&D see how much fun you have together!

Flossikens said...

Heya again,

wheres that pink colloar from??=[i really need to get one for flossy

<33 flossy