July 05, 2006


Why do humans feel the need to detonate loud exploding devices to celebrate a national holiday? Seriously. Why? Can't they just run around, jump up and down, and sing and howl to celebrate?

Last night there was a fireworks show about two blocks from my house. It freaked the living daylights out of me. Daddy had to stay inside and hold me tightly on the couch while Mommy and her friends watched the fireworks outside. Once the bombastic outdoor war games ended I stayed glued to the couch for another hour, too afraid to move.

Think of us animals next time, please! We have feelings (and sensitive ears) too!


Ellie said...


I'm surprised that you don't like the fireworks. Mommy thought I wouldn't like them, but I watched them last night and the night before and wasn't scared. We sat outside and I got to sit on Mommy's lap and she rubbed my belly the whole time. The only ones I don't like are those screaming ones...they hurt my ears too much. Next time you should go outside and check them out. They sound scary (and I'm scared of anything louder than the TV) but really they're very pretty!!!

Nubbily Wiggles

Sarah said...

Ooooh poor baby!!! Dukey doesn't like fireworks either.... he barks at them.

Little Mini our chihuahua didn't seem to mind though. Thunder doesn't bother her either.

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

I'm with you Cairo! Even today, one of the children across the street was throwing poppers in his mailbox. His mom came out and told him not to do that. My dad had to watch and make sure he didn't put one in our mailbox. Dad let me stay inside with him while the kid was using the fireworks. Even tonight, people are still setting them off!

The Fat Lady Sings said...

Our Ginger is so afraid of loud noises we have to ply her with Benadryl during storms. She was very upset on the 4th - and most of our neighbors didn't even bother this year.

Anonymous said...

Humans were setting off fireworks up here too - I don't understand why - it doesn't get dark so you can't see them. The noises didn't bother me but I sure did look around everytime I heard some. I couldn't figure out where they were coming from. It didn't bother Chani at all - she goes hunting so she is used to popping noises. Maybe your Dad should take you hunting? Although I don't think I've heard of a boxer being a field dog.

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

As Turbo would say "Fireworks are Stupid" ! They are banned out here in Australia - except official displays, so we don't have too many problems with them. Hey Cairo - lap up the attention that your humans should be lavishing on you for being scared, milk it for all it's worth :-)

Isabella said...

You tell 'em, Cairo! Fireworks are horrid! They are illegal here, but that doesn't stop anyone, it seems. Linda said the cops have bigger things to worry about - like the daily shootings and violent crime. What's up with humans- shooting each other with guns, beating each other up, or sticking knives in each other. Why can't they get along with each other?
Big Wags,

Dachsies Rule said...


How awful to be so close to the fireworks! We were pretty lucky this year and didn't have to hear a lot of fireworks up close. We did hear the official Houston display when it was set off and boy did we bark! Mom kept us in the house and turned on the TV so we couldn't hear it. No one in our neighborhood lit any though.

Isabella, you've got the right questions. What is wrong with so many humans? Maybe they need to blog and meet each other.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Cubby said...

Cairo for President! Ban those stupid fireworks!

IndyPindy said...

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pissed off patricia said...

We got murphy over being afraid of fireworks by taking him outside where he could see them and whenever one would burst up in the sky we would point it out to him and tell him to "get it". He caught on pretty fast and soon he was watching everywhere for them and when he would see one, he would start barking at it and wagging his tail. It became a game for him and he wouldn't want to go back inside. There were years later on when he would here a firecracker somewhere and he would run to look outside to try to see it.

Now that he's deaf, he slept right through the whole show on the 4th.