April 12, 2006

I'm Back

My Daddy has been so busy taking me for walks that he forgot to post new pictures! The weather has been warm and sunny here in Orange County, CA. I've gone for an hour-long walk everyday this week. Daddy has been getting exercise and I've been having fun watching birds and chasing balloons in the park.

Blogger wasn't letting me upload images, so I'm using Flickr instead.

Here I am after my walk yesterday chillin on the couch...


I was a little camera shy...

Camera Shy

Then they turned on the TV for me and I decided to take a nap.



Prissy said...

Looks like a tired, happy puppy. Glad to hear the weather has improved.

The Fat Lady Sings said...

She's the perfect little girl - so comfy. We like the tried and true tire 'em out method ourselves. Nothing less destructive than a happily worn out puppy!

animalfamily said...

smile for the camera, cairo! love your shiny gleaming coat.