April 14, 2006

Cairo's Theme Song

We're a happy family
We're a happy family
We're a happy family
Me mom and daddy
-- The Ramones

That's me on my prayer rug facing east while mommy and daddy watch Sex and the City. Yeah, we're a happy family. You gotta problem with that?


Christine said...

Cairo looks so focused. I love her prayer rug. Is she chanting?

jamie lang said...

UUUuuummmm . . .

Cairo, your family so rocks.

Anonymous said...

Cairo should write a rap song and call it "Cairo keeps it real in OC."

pissed off patricia said...

Cairo, I'm proud of you for not watching the TV show with mom and dad. You are much too young for that.

Isabella said...

How come you don't get to watch? Sex in the City is a great learning experience for all us girls. Next time, turn around and peek!
Big Wags,