November 17, 2005


[photo has been censored for younger audiences]


The Fat Lady Sings said...

Thanks for stopping by my site and saying hello. And yes, I submitted my rant through Shakes Sis to be sent on to Billy boy. Your Cairo is a real dear! Don't you just love it when they sleep like that? Our newest addition to the family, Ginger (not a boxer - but a sweet little girl just the same) spends almost all of her sleepy time sprawled out on her back. We call her our little red roo, 'cause she's kinda kangaroo colored, and bounces a lot.

I do miss having a boxer, though. Our Spud passed a few months back, and I just miss seeing that wonderful face. By the way - consider getting her a companion. Boxers are so very gentle - with all creatures. They don't like to be alone, though. Very family oriented. Anyway - happy holidays! You will have such fun with her and the Christmas tree – do watch out for the ornaments!

Kathy said...

You don't have to censor the pictures for my younger audience -- our Prissy sleeps like that all the time, so they're used to the crotch shots. Cairo is such a cutie!