November 03, 2005

I Hereby Claim This Spot

Property of Cairo. All humans must vacate the premises immediately.

So much for that commandment about four legs not being allowed to trespass in the former domain of two legs.


The Fat Lady Sings said...

Just wanted to say that I love and adore Boxers. Hubby and I rescue white boxers - though we once had a sweet little girl that looked quite like Cairo. We called her Sandstorm, because that’s what she was - a tiny dervish, who was very into re-decorating our home. As with your carpet, Sandy decided our living room lacked, oh, shall we say, the personal touch? When we came home one evening, she had emptied her food bin, the cat’s food bin, two boxes of cereal, an entire bag of rice, some breadcrumbs and all the bread flour we had onto the center of the rug. She was sitting smack dab in the middle – looking at us balefully.

When we finished laughing, we got out the camera and took pictures. It was one of those moments you will never forget, and despite the clean-up time, we loved her all the more for it. I wish you joy of your new family member. Boxers are truly magical dogs – they lift your spirits, and add immeasurably to the betterment of your life, as do all critters.

Comandante AgĂ­ said...

Thanks! Boxers certainly are something else. Cairo has defintely become a member of the family. She has claimed the house as her own, sleeps in our bed, and yes--has redecorated the house.