June 09, 2008

Every Dog Must Have a Pillow

I played with Max all day long. Now I'm tired. I wouldn't even come upstairs to sleep with parents. Hell, this is better. I've got the couch all to myself.


Peanut said...

I have my own couch but I need my own pillow. YOu look very comfy

The Puppies said...

We like your pillow. Being that there's three of us, we often take over the couch (or our parent's bed).... but we aren't allowed to use the pillows on the bed! (at least not while they are watching!) :)

Cubby said...

LOL! You are a smart girl!

Murphy Dogg said...

Hey Cairo,
Excellent idea! Looks like you got lots more room than I have squished in between Mama and Dad. Although if I sleep by myself, there'd be nobody for me to fart on.
Murphy Dogg

Wuffstuff said...

Aren't Boxers just the best?

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KB said...

GOSHHHH...I can't even get on the couch unless invited...but a pillow, too?!?

(In a very Napoleon Dynamite tone...)


Ike said...


Chef said...

Hey Cairo. You look SO COMFY! Most of my favourite pillows got destuffed so now my favourite pillow is my Papa's big tummy! Love that pic of you sleeping with your tongue out. You are one cute Boxergirl!


Anonymous said...

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Georgeous said...

Every dog needs ALL the pillows!
Love 'n' Snuffs