April 26, 2007

Time for a Book Review

Daddy has so many yummy books lying around the house.

Today I decided to give one a try.

04262007 001

A few bites and it didn't taste that good.

Probably 'cos it was about the Yankees - what an overpriced, overhyped team!

04262007 003

When Daddy came home he explained to me that the book is not actually about the Major League Baseball team - it is a history of American business in post-revolutionary Mexico. He said he didn't care that I tasted it because he already read it.


Jamie Lang Photography said...

Aw, Cairo, you're so cute!

Peanut said...

oh you didn't get in trouble? How lucky are you.

Cubby said...

You have such refined taste!

Maggie said...

My dad doesn't like the Yankees either! He says the very same thing! Thanks for signing my blog Cairo!

Love ya lots,

Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Cairo...
I'm more of a magazine girl myself, you know US, Entertainment Weekly and the ocassional time magazine...LOL.
Glad you didn't get in trouble!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog...and I do look like a mini you!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Whoo HoO! Great job in taking care of that book!
Hugs, Sitka

Lorenza said...

Tasting books are great. My mom has to take them away from me because I like to tear them to pieces. She doesn't get mad with me but prefers not to take any chance.
Thank you very much for coming to visit my blog.
I love you big boy.