March 06, 2007

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

My new friend Asta is a wire-hair fox terrier who lives in New York City. Recently, she took a car ride to Rhode Island and had fun riding in the backseat.

I, too, enjoy car rides. Here are some pics of my automobile adventures...

mi caro

I'm very well behaved in the car. I sit up straight and watch the scenery go by.

I also love sticking my head out the window and feeling the wind in my face. My mommy laughs because my ears and jowls flap in the wind.


Here's what I look like in the mirror...

boxers in mirror are closer than they appear

Boxers in mirror are closer than they appear


Stacey said...

Hey Cairo,
OMG! I LOVE car rides as well!!!
They are the best... well treats are
probably a little bit better.

Love and Licks
Texas (and his humans).

Casey said...

Sorry to post this here but I couldn't find an email address. This blog is listed on my site -

Can you give me a shout via email and tell me how to contact you? I don't want to write a long message here in the middle of comments about something else.


Anonymous said...

I hope you don't jump out the window! Cherish did that once - while we were going really fast too - she was an idiot. You're not!

Fu Fu said...

Hey, that car ride looks fun. But dont stick your head out too far

~ fufu

macgoogle said...

Hey Cairo,
Did you know that you choose the same seat to ride in as I do? Of course, Dad tells me that in the US you drive on the other side of the road that we do - does that mean that you see more road or more roadside? Anyhow, I looooove car rides. I went on one today! I will put a post up about it soon.

Love and Licks,
Texas (and his humans).

Studly Dudley said...

Yes! Car rides are the best.. they always mean going somewhere fun. What does it feel like to stick your head out the window?! I wish I could do the same but I'm not allowed to!


Isabella said...

You need a convertible, Cairo! And some sunglasses- hee hee!
Big Wags,

Boudreaux said...

Car rides are fun... as long as they don't end with a sharp pointy thing being stuck in your butt.

Voodoo said...

Cairo, you are just precous!

Cubby said...

I like the car ride as long as Dakota stays home. I wouldn't mind riding with you, though!

The Fat Lady Sings said...

She looks so much like our Sandstorm did - especially that adorably pouty underlip! Cairo - you are a beautiful girl.

Jennifer said...

You are too cute. My dad's Boxer does the same thing (sticks his head out the window when they go for rides).

Ellie said...

I'm with you on the car rides! I love 'em! Except Mommy makes me wear a seatbelt. She tells me that thousands of humans die each year when their pups become flying projectiles in car accidents. Plus she says I'm safer that way! But usually watching the scenery (or maybe Mommy's music selection) makes me tired, so I take lots of naps too!

Nubbily Wiggles,
Ellie the Boxer

Jasper said...

I do the same thing in the the wind!!