February 01, 2007

Cairo Meets Cooper

My friend Cassidy and her parents met some Boxer owners at our local dog park last week. Their female just had litter of eight puppies. The puppies were now eight weeks old and up for sale.

Cassidy's parents got her a little brother! His name is Cooper:

Both Cooper and Cassidy came to visit on Sunday. Here I am checking him out...

I don't know why he was scared of me. I only whacked him on the head a few times.

After he left I grew worried. Were my parents going to get a new Boxer puppy? Would I be replaced by a younger, cuter model? I started acting really affectionate with my parents in hope of convincing them not to get another puppy, so that I could remain the top dog - the alpha female!

Apparently my plan worked. My parents decided not to get another dog for the time being. They said they enjoy just having me right now (and that the house is too small for two humans and two dogs!).


Voodoo said...

I love your blog! That puppy is cute!!! Cairo looks like my boxer...no white on the face. She's gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

He's a cutie! Maybe you can go on play dates when he gets older!

Cubby said...

No one could ever replace you, gorgeous! I've missed you!

Isabella said...

What a cute puppy- but not near as cute as you!
Big Wags,

Carol said...

Hey Cooper is so sweet. Seems that he is little afraid of you.

But hey, here are a bunch of pet ecards which u can send it to him n make him ur friend!!

Anonymous said...


You will NEVER be replaced.


Your mom

The Fat Lady Sings said...

Cairo really does look worried - doesn't she? Well - you know how I feel about critters - the more the merrier. Though I must say our Ginger is not a social dog, as odd as that sounds. We have often discussed the merits of getting a puppy (especially with Smokey getting older) - but we've decided to hold off and see if things change as Ginger gets matures. So I understand you're deciding to keep Cairo an only child. Besides - she is special - is she not?

Dachsies Rule said...

A boxer cuter than Cairo? Not likely! Even if they get another puppy, you will always be their Cairo-girl. Mom says she loves all three of us and doesn't even think about loving one more than the others. We are all special!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

whew, close call with cuteness there when YOU ARE THE QUEEN OF CUTENESS.

Never, ever forget that.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin (who has to lose 5 kilos, pah!) xo

Laura said...

Someday, Cario you will want another boxer in your life (or even another breed! Having a lab sister is great!!! It gives you someone to pick on! FULL TIME!!

Stacey said...

Hey Cario
Smart move on heaping the attention on
your hoomans to make sure that they don't get another dog.

Love and Licks
Texas (and his humans).

Cubby said...

We're approaching Valentine's Day, and now I love you even more! Thank you so much for making a donation to Gidget and her cute boxer puppies.

Shea said...

Thank you so much for your donation to Gidget and her puppies!

Abby, Fletch, Alexandra & Tonka

Fu Fu said...

Oh the puppy is so cute..

~ fufu

sharon said...

That pup has nothing on your beauty Cairo!

I want to thank you personally for your generous donation to Legacy Boxer Rescue for Gidget and her puppies. It is truly appreciated! Thank you!


BoxerDana said...

Oh Cairo,

That puppy was pretty darn cute, but not as cute as you! I wanted to stop by and say thank you for your thoughtful donation to puppies at Legacy Boxer Rescue. Cubby is very fortunate to have a good friend like you!

Jennifer said...

Awwww she looks so scared!!!!

Gidget and The Poopies said...

Hi Cairo! It's me, Gidget (and the Poopies) in Texas. Tell your Mom and Dad THANK YOU so much for their donation to help me and my recently expanded family. My foster Mom says that you are very cute and she would kiss you right on the lips if she was closer.