October 27, 2006

Canines of the World Unite!


Cairo is proud to announce the growth of her new media empire.

Greg at DWB-TV has been kind enough to provide Cairo her very own channel on the Dogs With Blogs site. Now she can spread her message of Boxer rebellion to all her canine comrades throughout the dog blogosphere.

Go check it out!


Isabella said...

Very kewl! Cairo is a star!
Big Wags,

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

Loookiiin good Cairo! Isn't DWB wonderful? Now we have doggy TV and I really liked that training video on how to play frisbee. You could do all sorts of training videos!


Anonymous said...

Can I have your pawograph now?

Cubby said...

That is so cool! My girl is famous! I love the frisbee video, too!

gazard said...

Welcome to the pawllywood, Mr Cairo!

Bogart said...

You go girl!!!!

I especially love the video of you playing soccer!


Fu Fu said...

Cairo, you got your own channel. That is so cool. I want your pawtograph. ;)

~ fufu