March 25, 2006


Here's Cairo, the most spoiled dog in the universe, yawning on a Saturday morning:

I get up early, even on Saturdays. By the time I make coffee and return to the bedroom, Cairo has taken my spot and is almost completely under the covers.


Prissy said...

Well, of course. Cairo is only taking her rightful place in the warm spot.

jamie lang said...

LOL - they always look so smiley when yawing :)

Allie and Mimi should be making yawn appearances on my site soon.

The Fat Lady Sings said...

Ours do the same thing. All I have to do is set one foot on the ground, and Smokey, our oldest has glommed on to that spot. Ginger always goes for my hubby's pillows the minute she hears the alarm, she waits. He's no sooner in the bathroom than up she goes into his pillows. Very cute!

Anita said...

your baby is so beautiful :D
I'm angie's guardian, the puppy that is in the daily puppy :)
my baby's 6 months now :)
take care of your baby she's beautiful!
here you can see pics of her that I've taken since she arrived:
bye bye